General FAQ:

Zero Balance

Question: Your Balance shows zero Balance, even after you imported your 24 word mnemonic seed and your passphrase (optional).

Answer:  Make sure you have done this steps correctly https://particl.news/guide-how-to-verify-your-particl-wallet-recovery-7ef91d435a19

You most likely didnt created your first address prior to genesis block, or you entered the wrong combination of your 24 seed and passphrase (check that you copied everything right, with no additional spaces in beginning or the end)

I suggest checking your profile page on https://particl.io/ and make sure that you have a key in xpub and testnet and a first address. If you dont have anything there, you missed to create your address and need to wait for manual distribution, which is currently ongoing (07/23/2017)

If you have verified and your address matches the address on Portal but you are still getting 0 balance.

1. Login to Particl Portal
2. top right click on “Logged in as <username>”
3. Scroll to the bottom and grab the First Address
4. Now go back to your wallet and load the debug window (for windows that is help, debug window then console tab) and type validateaddress <address copied in step3>
Please remove < > and just enter your address.
The output should read ismine: true


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