– Confidental Transactions launched Genesis Block – Encrypted e-commerce (p2p)


After an important meeting in Hong Kong, the Shadowproject has carried out a rebrand similar to Dash and Monero. Not just the name is new but also a wealth of features.
The Genesis Block launched on 21 July, PART is currently tradable on Bittrex


What makes Particl different from Dash, XMR and other privacy Coins ?


  • Latest Bitcoin Codebase .15
  • Native Segwit + Lightning Network readiness
  • RingCT + CT Technology
  • P2p decentralized marketplace (development funded)
  • MAD Escrow
  • Decentralized Voting
  • Proof of Stake with 5% annual reward (start with 5% PA inflation then decrease by 1% each year until inflation is 2% PA, no Masternodes needed, good for developing countries)
  • Through the Bitcoin Codebase easier to integrate, for example into Jaxx
  • Legal Foundation in Switzerland
  • Crypto Agnostic (The exchange mechanism integrated into the platform allows the seamless transition to and from PART) is a very interesting Project which could revolutionize private Trading. The project packages open source Technology into a user-friendly Interface and allows for easy-to-use Encryption for the end user.